Saturday, October 11, 2008

Times Like These

We've landed back at Camano Island; Nomadness is safely berthed across Saratoga Passage at Oak Harbor. I'll soon post a piece in reflection about our shakedown cruise. At the moment I want to point to a really good blog post I read this morning by Jerome (Jay) Fitzgerald, the seasteading guy, which offers some excellent advice for us all about how to proceed in this economically disasterous time. He points to small things we can all do, which taken together, can add up to have an impact. I believe that focusing on what we can do, rather than being overwhelmed by the enormity of what we cannot do, is crucial in times like these.

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Magdalena said...

Hello Sky! :-) I think it is the best way anytime - to see what we CAN do. And we always CAN do something. No matter how small it seems. I will read this post with pleasure. Have a nice day.

With love,