Friday, August 15, 2008

Help! House Angel Wanted

No, no we are not in trouble, but we do need some help. Our wonderful friend, house angel, and blog queen dearie, Polydora, must return to her Arkansas life at the end of the month. We had another friend lined up to stay at the house for September, but that arrangement has fallen through. So we are seeking somebody to look after the homestead for a few (3-5) weeks, feed Java the Cat, collect mail, and watch the forest grow. Lots of perks. Dates are flexible. If you are interested or know of somebody, please comment and leave your email. I will not publish the comment, so it will be private. Thanks for keeping us afloat.


Anonymous said...


Oh Sky,
Id so so luv to do it, but im here!

My freind Doriandra,
will be Selling her clothes, at
'BUMPER SHOOT'in Seatle Aug, 30 to Sept 1st, I will send her a link to this page to see if she responds, I envy your water Gypsy life ...

Polydora said...

I envy your water gypsy life, too! The computer screen is still rocking and it's day two! LOL! Don't mind it a bit, though. Nope, not one bit.


Happy sailing! May the breeze be with you!