Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poem for Port Hadlock

last night the masts danced for the moon
tried holding her for a moment
then let her go to the wind
but she always came round
to tickle nomadness again

this morning mist woke the bay
with a soft wet kiss
teasing the little boats
who bob between light and night
she held back the sun
with her thick foggy tongue
and licked the sleep from our eyes

(Port Hadlock)


Polydora said...

That misty shot looks like it could have been taken with a filter!


Love the moon too!

Did you catch any meteors flying overhead at night, or are you already asleep by then?

3brainer said...

Technical stuff (lol!)
The two misty shots were taken on auto setting of Canon Powershot S2. Steve took the moon shot with his Canon SD500 and all three had the saturation enhanced in GraphicConverter. I'm not yet much of a technical photographer, but I am learning.

Experiential Stuff:
Last night I awoke late, after the moon had set but before twilight. All I could see out the windows of the pilothouse were stars. I went up on deck to find a couple seals splashing around near the boat and the most intensely starry sky. I grabbed a blanket and cushion and wrapped myself up on the foredeck. The meteors were flying all around. The soundtrack was the distant clanging of a bell and the gently splashing of water on the hull. Magical. Soul touching. And absolutely ordinary. Something that happens almost every day if only we stop to notice!

I cant wait to have a calm night in the open water with no land or lights i sight. I dream of this.

Polydora said...

Sounds like a dream.

Anonymous said...

I think that must be one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen, (hadlockmist).
Thanks you for sharing it.
All the best,