Monday, August 11, 2008

Leaving Port Ludlow

We had a great stay in Port Ludlow in spite of having holes drilled into both the hull and deck and a huge compartment cut into the V-berth stowage (all for the great freedom of pooing aboard). Though we cringed as Bob of First Mate Marine broke bits while drilling, we enjoyed seeing the thickness of the steel. Wow! This baby is stout!

Here are some of the local folks we met:

Cragin and Gary of Estacada, Oregon aboard La Cragin are a delightful couple, who grow Christmas trees on 500 acres, and more like sailors than power boaters, so we got along just fine. Gary talked about their 4 foot draft and 7 knot cruising speed. "What's the hurry, anyway. You might as well enjoy the ride, right?" he asked with a grin. Now that's my kind of power boating!

Judy and Eugene sailed into Port Ludlow from Portland,
Oregon aboard Cloud Dancer, fourteen years ago and just stayed. Judy asked "How many times have you been up there?" as she pointed to the top of the mast. I admitted that I had not yet ventured the sixty feet up due to fear of heights. "I'm trying to overcome it though," I said squinting up at the antenna on top. Then she told me tales of chartering boats, cutting down sails in gales, and the calm of dawn on in the middle of the Pacific. They both assured me, "Nomadness will take you anywhere you want to go." They seemed to enjoy sharing with a newcomer and seeing the gleam in my eye when I spoke of world cruising. It is so inspirational to meet older couples who are fit and strong and still learning every day.

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Cindy and John, both physical therapists
, offered helpful tips for dealing with Steve's chronic back pain, but left for Princess Louisa with their lovely daughter, Journey, aboard Namaste before we could snap a picture.

Believe it or not, the most fun was had with a couple of landlubbers. Ray is a ham who has been following Steve's adventures since the bicycle days. He and his wife Nancy came down to the marina to meet Steve and see Nomadness. A couple of nights later we went into Port Townsend to see a fantastic sitar concert in a United Methodist church. "Music of Benares" featured Pandit Shivnath Mishra and his son Deobrat Mishra both on sitar. It was a real treat. I think I needed a healing experience to balance all the disruption of the previous week.

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